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5 Reasons to visit your local farmers market

5 Reasons To Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Communities across the country have a version of their local farmers market. Some are large like Eastern Market in Detroit or Public Market Center in Seattle, but others are small and mighty, like the Albion Farmer’s Market. We believe that farmer’s markets are unique spaces that bring people together and provide excellent value to the entire community. If it has been a while since you’ve shopped your local market, consider these five reasons, then schedule your next farmers market visit. 

  1. Support Local Farmers: By shopping at your local farmer’s market, you are supporting many local farmers and business owners. Local farmers spend hours tending to their crops to ensure that their produce is the best that it can be. Shopping at your local market also means that your money stays in your community. Farm owners will likely reinvestment your money into their operations to ensure the long-term success of their farm.
  2. Know Where Your Food Comes From: It’s hard to know where your food comes from when you buy from  Meijer, Kroger or Walmart. It could have been picked weeks ago in California. If you shop your local farmers market, you can ask them where their farm is located, when they picked the produce and how it was grown. Not only will you know more about the food you are eating, but you’ll also learn about the farmers that grow it. 
  3. Learn Cooking Tips, Recipes, and Meal Ideas: Farmers know the best ways to prepare their produce. If you’re feeling unsure about what to make with an eggplant, just ask! Chances are the person selling the items will have some great tips and tricks for preparing their items. 
  4. Buy Seasonally: Buying produce that is in season ensures that you get the best tasting and freshest items all year long. Why settle for bland raspberries in January when you can have juicy and delicious ones in June? Challenge yourself to get creative and cook what is in season. 
  5. Connect With Your Community: Farmers markets are great places to bump into your neighbors and find new friends. As our world continues to expand these personal connections with people who live close by are even more critical. As you head down to your local farmers market stop at your neighbor’s house and invite them to join you. 

There are lots of reasons to visit your local farmers market; these are just a few of our favorites. Tell us, why do you visit your local farmers market?

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