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Community Art and Revitalization

When I look at the faded Coca-Cola sign, I see it in vivid colors, revived, just as our downtown is being revitalized.  Our iconic sign is a symbol of Albion’s downtown; hit by hard times, rising from its past, and restoring hope in our town’s bright future.

I love Albion and join with others in our determination and the foresight to see the possibilities for our town, starting with the downtown renaissance.

Raising money to save the sign has become a community mission. Restoring the Coke sign, painting a mural on the downtown Malleable Brewery, to celebrate the history of Albion’s largest foundry, and commissioning a statue to honor Albion’s Tee Ball founder, Jerry Sacharski, all respect our past, while creating beauty for the present.

Art is necessary to enrich the lives of those who choose Albion as their home. These three projects, under the umbrella of the Restore Our Coke Sign fundraising campaign, will not only add that artistic beauty but also enhance the economic efforts to restore our downtown. Many, including me, want to make Albion a destination. We should all strive to be a positive part of the revitalization of our community and celebrate its diverse and colorful history.

There are many pressing needs in Albion. Many are being addressed, some are waiting for solutions. Restoring our historic Coca-Cola sign, and adding more art downtown, will not solve these issues. However, in creating a downtown that becomes a gathering place for our community, we see beyond what is not done, look at what has been completed, and envision what is to come.

I am proud to be just a small part of that bright and enriched, future for my adopted hometown.  Let’s all look forward, together, to see the possibilities.

To learn more about the community campaign and support community art in Albion, click here and consider making a contribution by November 3.

About the Author

Linda Kolmodin has lived in Albion since 1981. She is active in many organizations including AAUW, AAPW, Kids 'N' Stuff, ELT. She is a former journalist (newspaper reporter, PR and marketing at Albion College and Albion Community Hospital), retired special education teacher (Olivet Community Schools) and co-volunteer chair for the Restore Our Coke Sign campaign with Janet Domingo. Proud mother of Karen Kolmodin MacDonell '94 (AHS) and Emily Kolmodin Romeo '97 and widow of the late Ken Kolmodin who was an active community volunteer and Albion College retired emeritus executive Vice President for facilities.

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