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How Albion Reinvestment Corporation (ARC) reinvests in the community by investing in a new website.


Albion Reinvestment Corporation (ARC) is a nonprofit whose goal is to revitalize Albion into an active and inviting city.  ARC is committed to combating community deterioration in the Albion downtown business district and surrounding areas, and because of this, positive results continue to unfold.

However, the message still needed to get out about its mission and purpose. ARC needed a site where businesses and the community could go for more information on upcoming developments and improvements. It also needed to serve as a touchpoint for advancing Albion for businesses, employers, and emerging entertainment.

To accomplish these goals, a new website was developed to promote these good works through easily navigable content. For example, users can click on the Resources tab where they will be able to quickly review a variety of documents related to the challenges and opportunities in revitalizing Albion.

This includes an analysis of the revival strategy as well as a Brookings Institution brief on downtown revitalization. It also includes a list of completed projects and those underway, such as the Peabody Block Loft initiative as well as the historic renovation of the Bohm Theatre at the Davis Center for Film and Performing Arts. Users will also find background information on the many contributors involved in this meaningful undertaking.

The site also builds on an economic development strategy by means of charitable support. Integrated into the site is a section devoted to philanthropic giving which allows people to donate to the efforts revolving around the goals of ARC.

Giving life back to the downtown while enhancing the lives of the greater community is a commitment and a cause for ARC. The new website is just the latest tool in helping to build Albion bigger and better than ever.

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