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Promoting a Rock-Solid Community: BrickStreet Marketing

As a business whose purpose is to help other businesses, BrickStreet Marketing seeks to play a pivotal role in promoting local companies and help project a presence that puts them on equal footing with large corporations.

But there is some work to do. By today’s standards, Albion needs to catch up a little in terms of marketing. This is something that isn’t unusual for a smaller city or town, as some businesses don’t fully understand the benefits of marketing or don’t necessarily view it as a priority. It can be easy to underestimate its value.

Local clients who have used us have seen a significant and positive change in their business, both from a perception point of view and from a business point of view.

For example, we worked with Cliff Harris and Walk the Beat Albion to create a unified branding front across various channels (main event flyers and videos) to give the event a very credible and professional look with the intent to attract a wider audience. This relationship was also beneficial to BrickStreet Marketing, as we were showcased as the major sponsor.

We’ve also worked closely with the Historic Bohm Theatre, who plays the community ads we develop for local businesses before each show. In turn, we’ve promoted some of the Bohm’s headline acts to give them greater exposure, with great results. One of our promotions for The War and Treaty saw the fastest response for tickets sold.

We’ve also developed logos for Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce and many others, as well as the website development and launch for Foundry Bakehouse and Deli. Their continued success makes the downtown that much stronger.

Of course, no matter what size or scope of the business, budgets are always an issue. So, we try to help our clients out as much as possible. Everyone, including BrickStreet Marketing, is trying to grow as a business. That’s why we’re developing different levels of marketing packages so we can offer something for everyone. We want to work with our neighbors, and we believe that offering these bundles is a logical way to adapt to this town’s marketing wants and needs.

We also believe that our interactions with clients are important in more than a strictly business sense. They also help us establish closer ties with the entire community. This can be seen in the work we’ve done for events like Swingin’ at the Shell and the Run Albion series. It brings tremendous satisfaction to see the entire community and those outside of Albion come here for entertainment.

Even as a marketing agency, there are challenges getting your name out there. But BrickStreet Marketing’s business continues to build through the contacts and the referrals we’ve made. We believe in Albion and are proud to be a part of the downtown business community.

About the Author

Bill is the Senior Communications Specialist at BrickStreet Marketing. He is an award-winning advertising and copywriting professional with over 25 years of experience, earning his degree in Economics and Management from Albion College. He developed his passion for advertising while working at an ad agency in Philadelphia through the Great Lakes College Internship Program and has never looked back.

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