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16000 E. Michigan Ave., Albion 49224
Stirling Books and Brew

Stirling Books & Brew: Part of a Downtown Vision

Stirling Books & Brew was a dream formed during long walks through downtown Albion. Jim and I would wander past the vacant buildings and envision each new opportunity. As we peeked back in time through the dust-covered windows, we imagined how each space would look filled up with friendly faces.

Dorthy Dickerson originally asked us if we could keep a bookstore open when we purchased the building. Dorthy and Gar Dickerson had maintained a bookstore for over 15 years, and we wanted to give it a try. Jim and I felt passionate about creating a destination. We envisioned a place that could host gatherings but could also be a hideaway to complete a project.  Our dream included a good cup of coffee, free WIFI, and a freshly baked cookie.

As we designed the feel of the bookstore, we jointly agreed that we wanted it to feel comfortable. A visit back in time to a spot that encourages you to chat with the other customers and staff or spread out your books and relax. The wood-burning stove and 150-year-old tin on the walls and ceiling help create the ambiance we wanted. We really wanted the bookstore to act as a place that would bring everyone together.

We are working to offer activities for every variety of community members; from reading to 3-year-olds, to historical events and music, we are attempting to attract all types of interests and people to our store.

Passion is a cornerstone of Downtown Albion’s new foundation. Passion for gathering people in a friendly and familiar space, the desire to create a destination that offers a variety of goods and services, and the passion for a community that connects people’s lives together. Our goal is to have Stirling Books and Brew be an essential part of that vision.

About the Author

Jim and Staci Stuart are small business owners, community champions and Albion residents.

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